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Your How to Move Your Fish to Your New House

If you think you are the only one affected with your move, well, think again. If you have pets with you and you need to move, they also under go some stress.
If you have an aquarium and you want to take your fish with you, you need to plan well in order to make sure your fish will be able to withstand the transit phase of the moving process.
If you have rare collection of fish and they are valuable to you, it is best to hire moving company that specializes with pet transportation.
In the packing stage, you can remove your fish and put them to special containers. Remove the water from your tank and pack it carefully. Disassemble your aquarium properly. Wrap each item using bubble warp before putting then in your moving box. Use the original box of your tank when you pack.
Make sure to plan if you have a tank to pack. It will help your fish to survive the moving process. Fish are very sensitive to temperature change. They could die if you place them in a different water temperature abruptly. Make sure to give them ample time to adjust with the new water temperature in their respective containers when you move.