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What Sets a Certified Moving out Box apart from a Regular Box

When you are about to purchase your  moving out boxes, you would want to consider buying only those that are considered certified moving out boxes.  In order to better appreciate the moving out boxes that are certified, you may want to take a look at the distinguishing characteristics of it compared to a regular one:
a. Although the certified moving out box is relatively pricey, they have undergone quality assurance testing.  They are proven to be robust and strong as they do not have the tendency to become compressed when another box is stacked on top of it.  In addition, it gives you the sense of security for your stuff not to fall because even without extra packing tape at the bottom, it can carry a specified weight.b. Certified moving out boxes also comes with a specific labeling mark.  The labeling mark will help you in so many ways.  For example, it can help you in positioning the box under a certain temperature or under certain environmental situation.  Also, it has an indication about what can be placed inside the box which can help you categorize the things that you place inside it. 
So, the next time that you buy your moving out box, choose the one that can give you quality and the right kind of help that you need.