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Tips How to Pack Fragile Items for a Move

One of the hardest things to transport is fragile items. Everyone is getting nervous when driving a van or a car full with china, vases, or any items made of glass. Moreover, these goods are usually expensive and valuable, or precious and of high sentimental value. Because of this we need to ensure their safety during relocation. Nobody wants to go through the whole frustration of a moving process just to find out that his or her favorite porcelain vase had turned into pieces during it.  That is why you have to pack all fragile items really well before moving them.

A good packing will ensure you a safe moving of your fragile belongings, a moving without unwanted damages. Below you can find some of the most important tips to ensure yourself such a move. Have a good look at them so you will be able to secure your items well enough and easily transport them to your new destination.

First of all you need to get packing supplies. You'd better have plenty of bubble wrap, tape, and polyethylene foam and so on. With the right packing materials you will make your life quite easier. You should also get boxes - plastic or cardboard ones - in which you will place all the items. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to hold everything to want to put inside. If you underestimate this you may end up with a torn bottom box and plenty of broken things on the floor. Once you have all the packing supplies needed you can start the real packing.

Each piece should be wrapped in paper separately - each plate, each glass, each bowl, etc. and you'd better secure it with tape. Then cover the bottom of each box with bubble wrap or foam and place each wrapped item inside. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom of the box. Fill the spaces with paper or foam to in order to keep the box firm. If you keep the original boxes of your glasses, for example, you'd better use them because those boxes have division cells and this perfectly protects them.

 When you finish placing all the items into the boxes add a final layer of a packing material in order to better secure the contents. And only after that you can seal the boxes. Do it carefully and firmly. Do not forget to mark each box with a label "Fragile". Labeling the boxes is a must. This way everyone involved in the moving process will pay better attention to these packages and handle them with proper care.

And one last advice - pack delicate, costly, or cherished items in smaller separate boxes and move them yourself. This is the best way to ensure their safety. Moreover, there will be nobody to blame if something unwanted happens.

Packing fragile items is usually a long and hard process, though it is a necessary one. A good packing may be the difference between all your fragile goods arriving to your new destination in one piece or in hundreds of pieces. So if you want to avoid the second scenario, and I am sure you do, load yourself with patience and start to pack early enough so you have plenty of time to pack carefully.