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Tips For Packing Before An Office Move

An office removal can often be more stressful than a house relocation, what with wanting to ensure minor disruption to business operations and all that office equipment that needs to be safely relocated to your new premises! There’s also your staff to consider as you don’t want their working day to be interrupted! The best way to make sure you are afforded a swift and smooth office relocation is to plan ahead of time and that involves packing! So here are some major packing tips that will help you along your way!First of all you’ll need to pack the contents of desks, filing cabinets, shelves, bookcases, storage cabinets etc. You can’t leave them inside as they may fall out during the move and will make your furniture very heavy to carry! Next make sure you carry all your personal and valuable items with you, or place them in one box. For example if you’ve got pictures on your desk, diplomas or art work, you’ll want to make sure these are packed separately and kept safe! Pack all your pens and loose items separately. It’s extremely important to remember not to pack items like computers. These should be wrapped in bubble or other protective packing materials. Decide what means of removal service you’re going to use. If you choose to go with a man and van, you’ll be doing the packing yourself, which is where the above-mentioned tips will really come in handy. Make sure everything is ready to go and you’ve got enough people to help with loading and unloading the moving van when it arrives. However if you want to hire complete removal services, then you may consider letting the professional movers take care of your packing. They have the experience and training to safely pack all your belongings and can take care of moving furniture.Labelling your boxes is paramount to a successful and hassle free move! Also create a drawing plan of your new offices. That way you’ll know exactly what goes where. To help the movers do their job properly, give them a copy of the drawing plan and make sure you label everything that needs to be moved clearly. One tip that so many people moving offices forget is to empty all their rubbish bins before the movers arrive. You don’t want to be wasting time having to empty all your rubbish while the professionals are trying to carry out furniture removals.There are certain rules that go along with moving office equipment like large photocopy machines. Make sure your photocopier is prepared for moving by the manufacturer prior to your move. You don’t want any damage caused to the expensive item of machinery, as having to purchase a new one could set you back a pretty sum. To save time and if your employees are working from a laptop, ask them to be responsible for packing up the items in their own desks and not only labelling them with their name, but with a number, listed on the drawing plan of your new office. This will help the movers with knowing exactly where to place each box. When your office staff get to work at your new premises, their boxes should then be ready and waiting by their desks!To wrap up its probably safe to say that packing should be best left to the movers. They will make sure to properly wrap and pack all your office items so they are delivered safely to your new offices.