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Tips For Moving A Pool Table

When moving home, there are certain items which can always seem to present the most trouble. When you are about to move, the thought of having to get the item shifted can often fill you with dread. It also happens that these awkward items are often among the most valued and the most loved in their households. Pool and snooker tables are perfect examples of this. Providing entertainment for all, a pool table can be a fantastic addition to any home. However, when it comes to removals, the very same loved item can often present a huge difficulty. Read on to discover a few tips on how best to move a pool table when moving day beckons. For many, the first consideration is to hire professional help. With many years’ experience in the industry, it is likely that they have come across this or a very similar problem before. This means that any experts which you might hire will be well equipped to deal with a removals situation and can make sure that you get your pool table moved in the manner which best suits you. However, hiring expert help for one item could be costlier than you might be willing to pay. Usually, however, the cost of hiring a team of professionals is far lower than the cost of the table or the effort of moving it yourself. Whether you hire professional help or not, having the right equipment to hand will always be very important. When you bring in an expert, they will likely be able to provide the right type of van for the situation, meaning that you don’t have to worry about figuring out which model is best suited to your needs. As well as this, they will also know the best way in which to load and prep the vehicle. However, you can always choose to hire a van for yourself, or even to borrow one from a well-equipped friend. As such, it is always important to ensure that the vehicle can cope with your particular pool table, not only in terms of size, but in terms of weight. A chat with the team at your van rental location might be a good way of furnishing yourself with the right information. Perhaps the best way to move a table is it break it down into the individual components. Many tables have a removals top made of felt coated slate, which is where a great deal of the weight comes from. Whilst this piece if very heavy, it is also very delicate. One drop can break it and ruin the entire table. Because of this, it is vital that if you choose to take the table apart, you treat each individual piece very carefully. As well as making sure all the pieces are moved and carried in the proper manner, make sure not to lose any important screws, nuts or bolts. During a hectic move, these smaller items can be easily lost, making putting the entire thing back together far more difficult. As with moving any large item, taking the time to plan ahead is always the most important thing. With the correct plan, you can make sure that you can enjoy a simple and easy move every time. If you hire a professional, they will be able to advise and suggest best practices. For those choosing to move it themselves, getting a tape measure out may be vital. Plan every step of the trip, how to manoeuvre through doors and corridors and how to load the pieces on to the van. Once the whole plan is complete it is time to put everything into action.