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The Handy Business Relocation Timeline

Moving your office to a new location is even more stressful than moving to a new house-you have people, expensive equipment and important documents to consider. But planning ahead can minimise your stress and make moving to your new office as stress-free as possible. Here's a general timeline to help you get started on the preparations.

10 Months Before
* Assign one person to handle all moving concerns.
* Assign a person to lead each department for easy coordination.
* Study the floor plan of your new office and decide on where different departments, pantry and offices will be located.
* Coordinate with an architect or interior designer.
* Start an inventory of all your office supplies, equipment and furniture.

8 Months Before
* Complete your office inventory and make a list of employees who will be staying. 
* Order drapes, blinds and additional furniture or equipment for the new office.
* Make a list of people you need to inform about your new office.
* Collect prices and quotations from different moving companies and storage facilities.
* Start organising and arranging important documents in each department.

6 Months Before
* Decide on a final design for your new office with the architect or interior designer.
Decide where to place different departments and staff.
Decide if you need to hire a contractor to work on your new office.

4 Months Before
* Start installing additional items, dividers or furniture in your new office, if needed.
* Start packing all items and equipment and organising important documents.
* Label all items and boxes for moving or storing.
* Start moving large items or equipment and furniture that are rarely used.
* Hire a moving team and storage facilities.

2 Months Before
* Start shredding documents that need to be shredded.
* Inform all contacts of your new address and phone number.
* Contact utility companies and your landlord to inform them of the move and to cut-off all utilities before your moving day.
* Move your staff and begin setting up different departments.
* Start installing blinds, drapes and other essentials.

Moving your office or business to a new location can be tiring, time-consuming and very stressful. Start your planning stages early, follow the timeline above and remember to delegate work properly for a hassle-free business relocation.