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The Benefits of Using a Professional Removal Service over a DIY House Move

Congratulations!  News is you are lucky enough to be moving home!  As you are most likely already aware, unless this is the first time you are moving house, there are now an awful lot of decisions to make.  You need to think about your new property, what kind of property are you looking for, how many rooms should it have, where should it be located, etc.  Once you have considered this you need to start thinking about packing, and of course, the actual process of moving.  The moving process is an important one to consider, most people have always completed their house move themselves and so never consider an alternative as being the better or perhaps the cheaper option.  But times are changing, new companies are available now that weren’t before, removal companies are offering more services at a much lower rate than they were before, and because of this you should consider a removal company to help you move home, rather than doing it all yourself. Here are some of the advantages that you could benefit from by hiring a removals company over completing the move yourself:•    Price:  people always assume a DIY move is cheaper, but is it really?  Think about all of the costs involved, you will need to hire a van or a trailer and if you hire a van you may need to pay for insurance and will most likely need to pay for the fuel that you use.   To add to this, if the van or trailer is small, some problems arise that delay you, or your new property is a distance from your old home, you may need to hire the van/trailer for days at a time, increasing the amount it ends up costing you.  Because you are moving all of your things yourself, you can expect it to make much longer than it would do if it were completed by a team of professionals, and as the old saying goes, time is money.   Also consider future costs that a DIY move could cost you, if you have expert professionals moving your belongings then they are less likely to get damaged or broken, but even if something did happen to your things, they’d most likely be covered by the company insurance. Whereas if you move home yourself and things get broken, you will need to pay to repair or replace it.  •    Services:  a removal company can offer you benefits that a DIY house move simply cannot,  for instance, these companies now offer a professional packing service in which they will pack all of your belongings ready for the house move.  Further to this they will help you to load and unload the van, they may even dismantle and erect furniture for you, and can sometimes offer a storage solution should you need one. •    Additional benefits: o    More staff: meaning the job gets completed quicker, these staff are well trained and experienced and not only is the job completed quicker, but it done to a much higher standard. o    Larger and better maintained vehicles: which are fully licenced, meaning that your belongings will be more stable and secure inside when they are being transported.o    Insurance: to cove you, your belongings and your property. o    Most removal companies are members of the British Association for Removers (BAR), as such they must work within strict guidelines, always include insurance and have well-maintained and fully licenced vehicles, as well as delivering a good service.  The BAR association also offers customers someone to complain to should they experience problems with a removals company.