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Special Tips to Help You Pack Your Cabinets and Armoires

Moving from one place to another requires packing of small and big things at the same time. Some of them are easier to manage with and some not so, but it is the challenge to do things well that makes us go on and try to manage with every situation that we meet on our path to the successful moving.

The aspect with the furniture packing is one part of the preparation that requires much attention and careful touch. Though these items from your home often look big and massive, you can not move them as they are. They have to be dissembled and when you start doing this you will see how easy it is to chop a part of the furniture or break it, making it useless after that.

  The efforts and the time that the furniture moving requires has led many people to the decision to leave the old stuff behind to the new owners and look for new places to buy and rent that are furnished as well. This may save you lots of problems, but some people are not so willing to prefer this option. Many of us have sentimental feeling to part of the furniture and will try to do everything possible to take it with them as they move.

  When you are one of these people, you may find it very interesting to learn few things that will help you dissemble your cabinet or armoire and take it with you safely.

  What should be the first thing to do is to put away every part of the cabinet that can be removed, like shelves and doors. This can be possible of course if the parts are not built somehow permanently into the cabinet. Some people do not like to take away the doors, but only put a tape on them to prevent opening during the relocation. This is not a wise thing to do, because any opening or pressure can easily cause damage both to the door and the whole cabinet. For the glass doors are mandatory to be taken off. Think about the drawers as well and tape them or remove them.

  It is important to inform the moving company if you are living the doors and drawers on the cabinet. They may advice you for other ways to make them still on the furniture, different then taping, because the tape sometimes can go off with part of the surface, which is not what somebody will like to happen to his or hers belongings.

  Though removed from the major part of the furniture, the doors and drawers have to be well packed. It is recommended to use bubble wrap for the doors or an old blanket. Pack them with furniture padding as well.

   You have to use special packing for the items you have removed from the cabinets according to their type. For those which are not so easy to be broken and too heavy, you can use the common cardboard boxes, which are very comfortable and easy to deal with both for packing and unpacking. You can add the label “cabinet contents” to every box that has such items, so you will not be looking for them for hours.

  Though the cabinets look big and frightening, they can be easily dismantled and assembled again. You will not need anything more than the most used tools and packing materials. Remember to use the taping only for the materials that will wrap the pieces of furniture, do not use it on the wooden and plastic surfaces.