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Parental Guidance about Moving

Parents are their children's role model in everything. So, what are right in the eyes of the kids are the things they see from their parents. When moving, every moment is crucial and kids are always on the lookout on how parents will deal with things. This is the time when parents should take full responsibilities of their actions because their kids are watching. If kids see that their parents set good examples, they will remember. If their parents ask them to help out and to contribute, they will obey excitedly because this is what they learn from their parents. Kids absorb things easily and they learn faster. So, if parents properly orient them about life, about the changes brought about by moving, they will understand. Life lessons will be instilled in their mind and this makes them even more responsible at a young age. When you move, make sure that your kids have something to do like managing their own stuff. If you give them duties to accomplish, they will be forced to take part. But parents should be reasonable in giving orders. Don't give children duties which they can't handle. And finally, be a listener. If kids give their opinions, appreciate them.