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Office Removals Made Easy

When moving the workplace office to a new location it will take some time to not only organise all your things but to also adjust to your new surroundings! At the old office you knew were everything was kept and no doubt it was all organised to enable a smooth running business. When moving to a new location you will have to build a new set up and you will have to do it pretty quickly if you expect business to carry on as it normally would.Here are some tips to help make your office removals a little easier, 1)    Plan aheadSo  now you know this move is going to happen it’s time to plan ahead, de-clutter and remove unwanted items including files but be sure to shred important documents.Back up files now or else you may regret not doing it later and since this can be a length process you may as well start early!Tell clients and suppliers in advance that the move is happening and if possible give them a removal date. 2)    Look for a removal companyStart looking for a removal company and get some quotes, look out for removals that specialise in office removals since they will be able to offer you a better service. Since this is an office removal there will no doubt be a lot of expensive equipment that is going to be moved so make sure you are covered for losses should the inevitable happen during the transit stage. Either the removal company if applicable or your own insurance company can offer you this protection. Make use of the packing service available if the removal company have one, because no doubt they will have the correct packaging and boxes to protect your valuable equipment and also by allowing the removal company to do the packing not only will it free up your time to do other things but also they may do a better job at packing in a way that causes less movement to the equipment, whilst its being moved! Finally make sure you label the boxes because it will help you later when you’re unpacking and sorting it out again! Try booking a weekend removal because it may cause less disruption to your business, this depends on whether you work or trade at the weekend but for those who close business over the weekend it certainly makes sense to do it then. The only downfall to weekend removals is that it could be slightly more expensive to hire a removal van and you may have to give up your downtime for that weekend, however at least you know your back in business come Monday morning!3)    Moving inWhen moving in the first thing you need to do is unpack and make sure that everything is still in working order, if done correctly the move should not have affected anything too much!Prioritise you workload so that you can carry on with business ASAP and the rest can be organised as when you need to use it. Now’s a good time to officially inform all your contacts of change of address, tell all suppliers, clients, customers, energy suppliers, phone companies straight away so that very little disruption occurs. Also remember to update your website, social networking pages and business cards.Once settled into the new business it may be advisable to do the dreaded mail shot, although its length process it’s still a great way for spreading the word about your new business address.We Hope these helpful tips can help you to make your office move a little easier!