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Moving Office Tips For Novices

Office moving can be such a daunting prospect that many business owners often stay put at small, cramped existing premises for fear of the relocation upheaval. It’s true that the job is far from simple, with so much to consider and not wanting to stop business operations for any time at all! However with this step-by-step guide to easy office removals you can minimise disruption to your business operations, customers and staff and ensure the smoothest possible moving process!There’s a big difference between moving office and house relocation, namely the fact that with the latter you’ve only yourself and your family to consider. However with relocating your office to a new location, you need to take into account your customers, clients and employees… not to mention that time is money and you’ll want to avoid closing up shop for any length of time. That’s why you need to get organised and make sure absolutely everything has been squared away and all aspects, particularly moving furniture are considered.Hiring a reliable removal company is paramount, specifically one with experience dealing with office relocation. It’s likely you’ll want to avoid hiring small removals companies, as you’ll want the movers to have experience in handling heavy office equipment and computers. So when doing your research and scanning through moving companies, be sure to outline all your needs and requirements and that way the movers will be able to give you an estimate and inform you whether or not they have the man power and necessary equipment to perform a quality office move! It might be a good idea to try and book in your moving date for the weekend. That way you will minimise any interruption to your working week and maintain your quality performance! When it comes to office furniture removals try and contact the company that delivered your photocopier or IT equipment and see if they will package it up for you. That way you’ll ensure the items are delivered safely to the new office. If that’s not an option, see if the moving firm you hire will take care of the secure packing of all your larger office equipment, including filing cabinets. While this may sound like a lot of hard work, it will be worth it in the long run, as you don’t want to have to fork out company revenue on new equipment!It’s highly likely that the running of your business will depend greatly on an Internet service. So before you move into your new office, make sure you’ve contacted your service provider and that you’re connected to the World Wide Web for when you move in. You don’t want your employees left without Internet connection and unable to send out emails!Some other handy tips are: create a moving checklist and give a copy to the handy movers, outlining exactly what needs to be moved. By drafting a floor plan of the old office and new premises, you’ll also make the professionals job a lot easier and faster, as they’ll be able to place everything in its rightful place from the word go! Why not colour-code the floor plan with the boxes and items. For example place yellow stickers on furniture that needs to go in the conference room and colour the conference room on the draft floor plan in a yellow highlighter. If you plan on donating any old computers, desks or other office furniture to charity or to a recycling plant, make sure you clearly label these so the removal firm is aware of the right destination!You can even task employees with the job of packing up their own workstations. That way you’ll minimise the cost of the move and make the job simpler for the movers.