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Moving During Winter - How to Get Ready

Even under a fairly good weather, moving can be a very tedious affair. What if you have to move during winter? There are more considerations to take when moving during winter season, but preparing for any problems brought about by the weather is always recommended. Here are a few things you can do to ease the moving process.
Keep Warm
There is no point to turn on the heater as you are likely to step in and out of the house. So fight the cold by wearing layers of clothes. Wrap each member of the family with scarves, jumpers and blankets. It also helps to take a break once in awhile and sip tea to keep warm.
Avoid Accidents
Winter brings in ice and snow which can be very dangerous for anyone on the move. The chances of slipping increase during winter. So, prepare for it by putting a carpet or a rubber pathway from your garage to the truck.
Plan Your Route
Determine the best route prior moving day. Be sure to update yourself of the roads that are blocked due to heavy build up of snow. Plan an alternative route if possible.
Prepare Pets and Plants
Some animals, such as rodents and rabbits, are sensitive to cold. So be sure to put them in the warmest area in the truck or car. Cats and dogs have different needs as well. You might have to take the dog for a walk before the move. Be sure that the cat is in its holder so it won't stray away. As for plants, consider moving them last as they die quickly in the cold.