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Issues to Tackle before Moving Interstate

The decision to move interstate is often driven by office relocation, a new job or retirement. Each reason entails specific requirements and considerations when making judgments along the process.

When offices relocate, it is sometimes not necessary for the employees to move. But it can be inevitable if the location of the new office is remote. Because moving can be costly, employers often offer subsidy and reimbursements in house-hunting trips and moving costs.

If you decide to move across the state for a new job, make sufficient research on the local job market. You want to be ready in case your new position does not meet your expectations or if the company closes down. You want a location that has greater career opportunities.

Retirement is often the reason why people are willing to move interstate. Some like to move closer to their family, others wants to be somewhere warm and sunny. Your considerations as a retiree include tax policies, cost of living as well as medical care.

Regardless of the reason for relocation, the following factors are considered important in your choices as well.
•    Schools (if you have school-aged children)
•    Taxes
•    Cost of living
•    Weather/Climate
•    Disaster risks