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How to Preserve Your Plates during the Move

All households have plates and china. That is why it is important to learn how to properly pack them.
The main thing is to find a sturdy box for the plates. You also need to provide each plate enough cushion and protection so they will not get broken.
So the first thing is to find a sturdy box. And don't forget to put a padding of cardboard at the inside bottom of the box and seal the bottom with a couple layers of packing tape. To provide more cushion inside the box, attach a layer or two of bubble wrap on all the sides of the box.
With the box ready, it's time to wrap the plates. Get a sheet of wide newsprint and lay it flat on the table. Wrap a plate with bubble wrap and lay it on top of the newsprint. Do the same on the second plate and lay it on top of the first plate. Wrap another plate and place it on top of the second plate. Then fold the edges of the newsprint to wrap it around the three plates. After that, seal its edges securely using packing tape.
Place the whole thing inside the box standing on its edges. Repeat the process until the box is full. Make sure that the plates are tightly secured in the box. If there are extra spaces, place some crumpled newsprint or packing peanuts so the plates will not shift. Then seal the box. Of course, don't forget to label the box with "Fragile" and "This side up" signs so movers will be guided and they would be careful with it. By following these steps, you have better chances of getting a complete set of plates when you get to your new home.