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How To Make Second-Hand Moving Supplies Work For Your Move

Everyone knows that moving house is expensive. Everything from your agency fees to the cost of your moving company can really leave you out of pocket, which is just one of the reasons why second-hand packing supplies are used by the majority of people moving house. Picking up second-hand cardboard boxes from your local supermarket is a brilliant way to save money, but there are lots of things you have to consider to make sure that you aren’t going to facing any unnecessary breakages on moving day! Have a look at this guide to give you all the help you need if you’re planning on using used packaging materials for your house or office move.1)    Boxes.Supermarkets, corner shops and small businesses are often more than happy to donate their used boxes to people looking to move house. If you’re on a budget then this can seem like a great solution to your packaging worries, but make sure you take the proper steps if you’re using second-hand materials! Make sure you thoroughly check each box for signs of wear and tear or damage. Don’t put any heavy items in boxes that don’t seal properly or those that appear structurally weak. If you are using second-hand boxes then make sure you reinforce them with packing tape. Don’t be afraid to use too much tape when it comes to strengthening your boxes!2)    Padding.Foam packing peanuts, bubble wrap and newspaper are three great materials that you can use for your house move, but there are a few things to watch out for if you’re using second-hand padding. Try to make sure that your bubble wrap is in a suitable condition for your fragile belongings – popped bubble wrap isn’t going to protect your breakables as well as new sheets are! Similarly, if you’ve been hoarding newspaper in anticipation of your house move, try not to wrap up anything that can become easily stained. The ink from newspapers can transfer onto your possessions easily and will be tough to remove!3)    Lifting techniques.Make sure that if you’re using second-hand boxes that you’re lifting them from the bottom to prevent items from falling out. You also want to make sure that boxes are sealed on both the top and the bottom so you can ensure that everything is getting moved efficiently and safely!4)    Recycling.Whether you’re using new packing materials or second-hand ones, it’s important that you do your bit to help the environment. Cardboard and most types of plastic are now widely recyclable, so make sure that once you’re done with your packing materials that they’re disposed of properly!5)    Purchasing new moving boxes.If you decide against using second-hand packing supplies then you can purchase moving boxes, materials for padding and much more from your local removal companies. You can also find some great bargains on moving boxes and packing supplies online – just make sure you’re ordering in plenty of time! Buying moving boxes is a brilliant thing to do for just one of two of your expensive items, such as your television or your computer, but there are also removal boxes made especially for things such as the contents of your wardrobe or for your book collection. Speak to your local removal service to find out more about packing supplies and materials.