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How to get the Most Accurate Removal Quote

No one decides to hire a removal service offered by a company without getting a quote first. However, if this is what your plan is, stop right there! Always, no matter how much of a rush you are in, find the time to check out a few removal companies and ask for a quote. The title suggests that this article will help you get the most accurate quotes. This may baffle you, since as a client you would expect that a company always gives an accurate quote. This is true. Larger, more professional and trusted companies will not trick you into hiring them by giving you a low quote and then charging you an arm and a leg on the day. However, removal companies take into consideration many factors before deciding how much to charge you. If one factor increases, the price will too and vice versa. Many removal company websites have an instant online quote calculator, where with a few simple details and clicks you can find out just how much your removal is going to cost you. Nonetheless, sometimes it is not that simple. Do not rely on these quotes solely. Even in the case where these quotes are accurate, it is always wise to call the company and ask again. Many online quote calculators do not ask you how many boxes you are looking at having removed. They merely ask where the boxes need to be removed from, and where they need to end up, alongside dates and times. What few people know is that some companies change their prices according to the amount that needs to be removed. Hence, obtaining an online quote without providing the amount of boxes will not be accurate for your particular move. This will come as a shock to you on the day of the removal, when you finally see the invoice, and no one likes hidden surprises! This stands true to all other factors that influence the price of a removal: if you are asking for a removal service only or a packing and removal service, the nature of your possessions i.e. furniture, boxes, piano etc., how many people will be needed to pack/remove your items, how long packing/removal will take, petrol prices, distance, time of week, time of day etc. A change in either one of these factors can cause a difference in your price.   Miscalculations are inevitable. Nobody actually knows how many boxes will be involved in the move, and dates and times may have to be changed. So how does one avoid an increase in their removal quote in the event where there was a simple miscalculation or a small detail was missed out? The answer is by obtaining a binding quote. Now you may ask yourself “What is a binding quote?” A binding quote is a fixed price which has been determined by taking inventory into consideration. Although these prices may be higher than an online calculator suggests, it covers you for any miscalculations which may have been made. This means that even if the number of boxes changes, your price will not. However, if you believe that you have given all details accurately, you have the option of asking for an unbinding quote, and then just hope for the best. Required details cannot always be given online. It is therefore suggested that you ring up the company and provide all the details necessary to get the most accurate quote. This way there will be no nasty surprises, and one less thing for you to worry about.