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How To Choose The Best Removal Van Hire

It`s time to move and the dozens of huge boxes and furniture items start to overwhelm your imagination of which type of van hire you need or maybe a truck is a better opt. There is no need to struggle, with the following tips and advices you can easily take a pick of the vast array of removal van offers.There are three main ways to hire van when moving house - a man with a van service, only a van rental or to use the services of a big removal company with their own vans and trucks. The best way to choose the exact type is to prepare everything in advance and don`t rush. Take your free time to consider all the options and to go through the sites of the companies in your region. If you are in the big metropolitan area of London - the choice become even greater, because London is one of the greatest cities in the world and the variety of moving companies is not an exception as well. From man and van London to only a small van for small furniture removals around the outskirts of the city - you will definitely need to know the exact volume of your belongings. Because of that, begin with making checklists at least a week before the move. Only one checklist might not be enough if you plan a big move with the kids, the pet and all the family members. Start with the compilation of a small simple checklist with several columns for each room. Then, add another column right next with the names of the items in each room. Add a third column right next with the condition of the related items and perhaps with any other special notes that are needed. Therefore, you can keep everything in order when packing and wrapping the items. Start with one room and list all the items that you want to move by the most exact way that`s enough to orientate among the numerous objects and stuffs. This will also help you to see among the hundreds of items and objects these that are useless like old paper sheets. Put them aside and get rid of all the other useless objects. When packing the objects in the box according to your checklist, you will definitely need another checklist with the final arrangement of the items in the boxes. That`s the moving checklist that you have to show to the moving agent. Pile the boxes one on top of another for the smallest and lightest items, then put the bigger and heavier boxes right next. Another possible arrangement is the big and heavy boxes on the bottom, while the lighter ones on the top. After a couple of hours or maybe a full afternoon, you will have a better visual perspective of the exact moving van`s volume needed for a safe transportation of your belongings. Use photographic materials of the piles with boxes and show them to the moving agent too. If you plan a small move by yourself, consider hiring a small van as the best option, especially when moving in the vicinity. Another useful advice is to measure the exact shape and size of the biggest box or the biggest furniture if it`s without a box. Compare the measurements with the door of the van whether it has a rear or a side door, just to make sure that everything will fit through. By contrast, the big office removals or when moving furniture, there might be a need of two or three man with a van.