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How to be a good Landlord

Tenancy is a two way process. If you expect to have a good tenant who is not loud, respects your property and pays rent on time, then there are certain expectations that your tenant has from you. Whilst each tenant has a different view of the perfect landlord, there are a few attributes that seem to be desires by the majority. If you are starting out as a tenant, or are just unsure about what it takes to be a good landlord, then this article is the one for you. It will highlight the main qualities you should possess in order to be a good landlord. Your duties as a landlord start before the tenant has even moved in. Ensure that the property is clean. This involves making sure that the walls are painted or wallpapered properly and that there is no damp or fungus etc. If you are offering furnishings then ensure that these are not broken or likely to cause any problems. Once your tenant moves in, s/he will be most pleased to see a good quality property. Make sure that you discuss with your tenant anything that you expect from them. This is your chance to make yourself clear on the rules that you have. This will avoid any future confrontation or disappointment, both from your and your tenant’s side. The first part of being a good landlord is being reasonable. This means making sure that you do not over price tenants for living in your property. You may wish to see what other properties near yours are being rented for, and then pricing yours similar to them. Another alternative is to go on websites such as Zoopla which will give you an estimated selling and renting price. Another way of standing out as a great landlord is by making an effort with your tenants. Try to get to know them a little and be friendly whenever you see them. Nothing says great landlord more than someone who seems like s/he actually cares about his or her tenants. Be reasonable with your tenants. If your tenant pays you on time and does not cause you any problems, cater to any needs that they may have. This means that if anything needs repairing, be prompt and try to get it done as soon as possible. Similarly, if your tenant requires something that you do not believe is your responsibility to provide them with, discuss it with them and ensure that you come up with a reasonable solution. This leads to the next most important part of being a good landlord. Be there for your tenants whenever you can. Always make sure that you provide them with a method of getting in touch with you. Most commonly, this is via phone, but you can also offer them an alternative communication method such as an e-mail address or a mailing address. If you miss a call, try to get back to them as soon as you can so that they do not feel ignored or neglected. For all you know, they could be contacting you in regards to a very important matter. Being a good landlord will ensure that you and your tenant establish a good relationship. This way, your tenant will be happy and will stay at your property for as long as s/he can, meaning that you will be making money, which is what you as a tenant want. It will also mean that you will be happy about leaving your property in their care, since they will be more than careful with it.