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Home Office Removal Preparation

Relocations are hard no matter how big your home is. Some parts of the house are harder for packing and removing than others. If you need to move your home office, then you need to carefully plan each stage of the process. A home office is usually a place that gets cluttered quite quickly, but we accept that as part of the work. One of the good things of moving is that you have the chance to go through all your things, files and all the clutter - pack, clean and start fresh. You have the chance to get rid of things you haven't even thought about much. Relocating your home office is all about bringing benefit to your work. There are different reasons for relocating a home office. The usual is when you are doing a home removal and along with it you need to move the office too. Another reason is when you have rented an actual office in order to grow your business. Whatever the reason, here are the steps of preparing your home office for moving.

The Files
The decluttering stage is inevitable, so start with the files. You probably have a few cabinets that are filled with files and paperwork. Gather everything and go through it. If you come across something that you simply don't need at all, throw it away. Even paperwork that was important before becomes outdated at a certain point. Don't be afraid to get rid of the files that you don't need. Sort out your files and documents according to year and type: personal documents, school related paperwork, business paperwork, financial documents, etc. If you keep bills from years ago they're probably just wasting your space. After you have sorted out the documents and you know what you are going to keep and what you are going to throw away buy or rent a shredder and shred those that you don't need anymore. It's unreasonable to throw documents in the garbage especially if they contain your personal information. Many identity thieves target homes that are on the move just because they know lots of paperwork will be thrown away - don't do them a favour. A great advantage of using the shredder is that shredded paper is a great packing supply - it can be put in boxes and to fill voids as it provides perfect cushioning during transportation of fragile items and valuables. Put the files and documents in a smaller box and label it. During the move this box should always be with you - don't put it in the moving truck and don't trust anyone with it; it should travel in your own vehicle.

The Desk
Proceed with emptying the drawers and packing everything in a box with a label "desk". Take only the things that you need and think whether you will need the desk at the new place. If you don't need it you might as well sell it or donate it.

The Bookshelf
If you have many books it is best to pack them in smaller boxes which will hold their weight better. If you will be charged per weight decide what you can afford to take with you to the new office. You may need to organize and sort out your collection of books.

If the equipment is not really working and you will have new one, simply sell it on eBay or give it to charity. Don't pay for packing and transporting heavy equipment that you won't even use.