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Hiring Professionals for Student Removals

More and more people these days are hiring professionals to help them pack and move into their new homes or dorms as their start their new lives as students in pursuit of their academic goals. Even though as a student, you will not have a lot of luggage to be shifted, and traditionally most people move with the help of their families, there is just so much that you would rather do in your last days at home, isn't there? Or perhaps, your college or university is really far away and your family cannot help you with the move, much as they would like to. Either way, hiring companies that specialize in student removals is an efficient solution to the dilemma, and if done right, can also prove to be very affordable.

Why would you choose to go in for a student removal instead of any other small removal service? It is a valid question given that student removals and small removals have much in common, especially the minimal load to be transferred. However, as the packing and removals industry has grown exponentially in recent years, it has also diversified spectacularly. When large removals became too big for small companies to handle and small removals became too niche for the large firms, the distinction between the two helped identify the unique demands of both kinds of customers, and the industry responded appropriately.
In recent years, it has come to light that student removals have some unique features, right from the kind of goods that have to be packed and the size of these projects to the distance that has to be covered. This new niche of service providers caters solely to students and is also priced such that it fits within a reasonable budget.

Do take note that most companies do not offer international student removals. Hence, if you are enrolling in a foreign university, you will probably have two options to choose from: either to take all your belongings with you on the airplane or to have it shipped to your new address. It is important to check with the companies you are considering to see if they offer international packing and moving services.

Most student removal operations are carried out by one person, who helps you pack, lifts and drives all your belongings to your new accommodation. This has been seen to be the most popular option, because most students don't have a lot of items to take along and this also gives you the opportunity to travel alongside the driver, thus saving a lot of money on transportation yourself. You get to enjoy the drive, make a friend and save money along the way!

However, most companies offer two and three-person teams also, depending on how many items you have and how far you will be going. The vehicles are typically vans, divided into small vans, medium vans, medium-large vans and large vans. The last is generally used for long-distance student removals when you are also carrying some small furniture with you.

On the flipside, most student removal companies also do not work on extremely short-distance projects. So, if your college dorm is within the same city, chances are only a few service providers will be willing to take up your project. Most companies aim for inter-state removals within the mainland.

Most registered student removal companies offer insurance covers to protect against any damages that might be incurred en route. Since most student removal projects are inter-state moves, it is reasonable to assume that there might be small mishaps or accidents, though the professionals do their best to make sure that all your belongings reach their destination absolutely unharmed.