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Getting Kids Prepped Up for the Big Move

When everything is going well according to plan, parents just simply can't help it but feel excited for relocation. However, they may be taking for granted one important piece of the puzzle - their kids. Moving can be easily understood and accept by adults. As for kids, it may take a lot of explaining before getting them prepped up for the big move.
Communication is an essential component of any relationship. Thus, it is very important to let the kids know beforehand about the pre-planned move. It is not that they can do something to change the plan, but it would be better to set proper expectations for them to embrace relocation with an open mind.
Infants and toddlers are not too much of a consideration because they just simply go where the parents are. But for school-age kids and teens, it would be a bit hard for them to let go of the things that they have grown up doing. They have already established relationships with other kids on the neighborhood as well as bonded with friends, classmates and teachers at school, thus leaving all of them behind could be painful.
To address this issue, it would be best to listen to their sentiments, and find ways to make up such as perhaps holding a farewell party a few days before the scheduled relocation. More importantly, it is a must to be attentive to their needs and provide support as they are in the period of adjustment to the new environment.