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Full Moving Out Package: The Key to Save Time and Money

Generally of movers have this thinking that getting a full moving out package is going to cost them so much.  For this reason, many movers who are on a tight budget do some of the moving out activities themselves like packing and hiring a moving out truck.  Do you really think this is an effective way to cut cost?
Movers should not only think about the tangible things that can be saved.  This of course is an important aspect to consider however, apart from saving money, there are other important factors to consider like time. 
Saving money and time should be the foremost thing in mind.  When you save money but not saving time, then it is not actually saving.  You should think about how you can save more time in order to save more money. 
So, what could be the best solution for this?  How can one really save on time and money?
Hiring a full moving out package is the key.  With this, you can practically save more time spent in thinking on how you can effectively pack things or where you will be getting the moving out van or how you can efficiently load all the house stuff in the van.