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Choosing a Reliable Estate Agent

Selling a property is not as easy as 1-2-3.  There is what you call an art in selling.  It takes years of experience and exposure to different types of clients to be able to learn how to effectively sell.    There have been a number of nasty rumours going around on how estate agents are abusing the vital role they play in selling properties.  Some scam agents degrade the value of the property in order to get more money aside from the commission. There are also some charge high fees that are often unnecessary or could be given free.   How to choose an agent to sell your property?   Choosing an agent is a very important decision to make since you are selling a property that entails great value.  A responsible agent usually facilitates the process in every step of the way.  A good agent can help you even with transfer of title whilst a bad agent can turn a good deal sour. How then can you find the best ones?   1. Sometimes, the best ones are sourced from word of mouth recommendations.   2. Don't limit yourself to just one company.  Source around and don't hesitate to ask fees. Negotiate and compare fees of one from that of the others.   3. To check consistency and reliability, get property valuations from at least 3 agents from different companies.   4. Ask the agent about his sales performance.   5. Seek recommendations from the people in your area.   6. Set a time limit if possible to see if the agent is confident enough that he can deliver his work.   7. Ask how the agent plans to sell your property.   Before jumping into a deal with an agent, do your homework first to ensure you are hiring a reliable real estate agent.