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A Movers Two Pieces of Advice on Packing

Where else can the best packing guides be hidden but from the movers. So, before you begin packing your things, better take these pieces of advice from a mover:
Advice No. 1: Make a "My Things" Inventory. Most people move because they have outgrown their house. Imagine how many things are already sitting in that house for all those years. A lot of things, isn't it? And some of these are unused and unneeded.
Throwing or giving your unneeded things is an important preparation for a successful packing. But before you do this, set aside your important items and documents like plane tickets, medicine, and passports.
Advice No. 2: Packing Checklist. Not all boxes can be used for packing like small boxes or free liquor or food boxes. These are weak and will not be able to hold your things safely. You can use these boxes for light items, though, like stuffed toys or clothes. But the most appropriate box is sturdier and bigger box.
Other things you need for packing are packing paper, sturdy packing tape, tape gun, and permanent marker for writing notes and labels on the boxes.
Now, you are almost ready to start packing your things. So, take a mover's advice and start making an inventory.