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About Us

When we set up shop a decade ago in London we were responding to a very special demand in the market. A huge number of people were looking to relocate their families or their businesses across to Portugal to start a new life in the sun, and we quickly became the company of choice, thanks to our specialist knowledge and attention to detail.

However, after spending years perfecting a service designed to calm people tackling these most challenging of removal experiences we had a business model in place which was ideally suited to help anyone looking to move, regardless of whether they were heading across Europe or just across the city. From our London base we expanded quickly, and now are one of the leading removals companies operating in the UK and across Europe.

The business started with one simple goal. Stress has become synonymous with moving house and, while there are plenty of companies designed to reduce it in the office and the home, there was nobody really doing anything about it when it comes to moving. We set about being the first to tackle it, and we did it on two fronts; price and service.

When it came to pricing it wasn’t difficult to do something different, unfortunately because so many people were unhappy with the removals industry for what they saw as taking advantage of the pressurised circumstances. We wanted to keep things simple. As a result, we conduct the most thorough removals assessment going before presenting you with one price. There are no hidden costs, no unexplained increases, just the reassurance of knowing what you are paying and that you are only being charged for exactly what you need. Our quoting process has always been completely free in terms of both cost and obligation because when money is tight, we want to help.

In terms of service the moving day experience was one that was easy to tackle. The highest quality, modern vehicles are cleaned after every job and are fitted with the toughest security systems to secure your possessions wherever it is that you are heading to.

However, while it is important for our vehicles to be tough, the exact opposite is true of our staff. When we are hiring, the physical ability to do the job is very much the second thing we look for. In order to offer the best service, we need people who are sensitive to your circumstances, and above all respect you and your possessions. It results in unrivalled customer service and an attention to detail; an assurance that every member of the team will do anything to help you, whether you need space or a reassuring word at the end of a long day.

We also wanted to make it easy for you to come to just one company for all of your moving needs. Nothing is likely to increase anxiety than having to deal with multiple companies or and multiple bills, so whether you need packing services, a cleaning team or storage solutions, they are all here under one roof waiting for you, and further details can be found elsewhere on the website.

So whether you are moving to Lisbon or just across London, you know that you will get the same service from us. After decades of experience we know that every move is different, but we also know that the key to great results is dealing with every one the same way. To arrange your free quote, get in touch with our friendly call centre team on 020 8746 9618 to find out more about the company and our services.